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blessed child April 18, 2009

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Lifesavorer, you are so blessed that it is not even funny.

Yes, I’m addressing you, the nut with the crappy haircut.

You with the family who cares and cooks and worries and waits, packed like sardines, in overpriced parking lots for an hour in the dead of night.

Yes, you with the friends who always remember and craft the most beautiful messages and greet you with the tightest hugs and the most thoughtful gifts.

You with the heart of an amazing, patient, hilarious man who, with the drop of his chuckle, injects sunshine into your veins and inspires reams of dancing-with-words and believes your best is more brilliant than you yourself believe.

You with the books and the healing words and the clear blue sky and the burning yellow sun and the cool, soothing shade and the swift-footed, able body.

You with the crisp evening air and the clean bed and the safe home and the stocked fridge and the dream job and the lifetime supply of ink and love.

You, with the privilege of pauses and punctuation, peace and relaxation, writing and meditation.

Of all people, why do you – thoughtless, selfish, hot-tempered, awkward, flaky crybaby – of all people – have all of this?

Count your blessings and share them here if you’re so inclined.


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