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delurking day March 9, 2009

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Dearest readers,

This just in from MetroDad:

I just found out that apparently Monday is something called Official Delurking Day, a day when readers of any blogs are encouraged to leave a comment on all the sites that they read. According to my buddy Chris, “The Official Delurking Day is back. Read the site? Comment. Comment all the time? Cool, do it again. A little shy? Come on, comment – you know you wanna. Take it to the streets – go comment all willy-nilly all over the blogosphere.”

I finally delurked on two of my favorite blogs yesterday.  For some reason, up until I heard of this delurking business, I had never once considered engaging myself, even to respond to a simple audience poll or to ask the blogger my own questions.

So please, I’d love to hear from you.  It’s okay if you don’t want to answer the questions at the end of my entries.  At least tell me who you are, where you’re from, and how you’re doing… please?  And you’re more than welcome to raise your own questions.  After all, unlike many sites, commenting on WordPress doesn’t require site registration.

With fingers crossed,

Is it unethical of bloggers to ask their readers to delurk?  How often do you comment on blogs?


sticking it to the man March 4, 2009

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To be frank, this is not the first time I have started a blog and probably will not be the last.  I have always been afraid to reveal too much of myself, always so secretive.  Maybe it’s a Scorpio thing, or maybe that’s just an excuse.  At any rate, I am tired of hiding.  Of being subjugated by “the tyranny of perfection” and swept into the shadows.  Of making enemies – and perhaps, of making friends.

Time to dust off the ol’ keyboard and pull up the blinds.

Do you have a blog/journal?  Why or why not?